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As the 'development arm' we like to take a medium-to-long term approach with our clients. Typically, this involves three distinct stages of engagement.


Initially, Kelaker develops an understanding of a brand's culture, team members, recruitment and training, branding and marketing, menu, digital strategy, growth-to-date, per site P&Ls, individual site dynamics, capex, operations, supply chain and partnerships. In short, the context of its experiences to date, its successes and its failures. This period, while deliberately short and affordable, is both broad and deep. It forms the bedrock to Kelaker's advice going forward. By the end of it Kelaker will have formed a headline 'high level' view of the way in which our team can help your business going forward. It will serve to demonstrate Kelaker's value to you. This phase is carried out by our team at a set fee, which we calculate to be at cost.

Thereafter, Kelaker implements the agreed high-level recommendations made at the end of the initial period. Typically, this will include formulating an overarching growth strategy, setting out specific property paths, site acquisitions, design and capex plans, engagement in potential franchise partnerships and PR campaigns. This way of working is often designed to attract investment to clients within a pre-agreed target time frame.

Ultimately, Kelaker's engagement is dictated by the client's experience of our business. Kelaker's value to date, and it's value going forward will, by then, have been demonstrated.

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